As an end user I want to...

  1. see list of recent updates on the topics I follow
  2. see list of recent updates related to a specific content item
    1. see where the update originated (source: EPiServer, SP, anything defined as source)
  3. post a status update (yammer like)
  4. post a link to web page, picture, video (yammer like)
  5. like an update
  6. add a comment to an update
  7. remove my update
  8. remove my comment
  9. view a list of topics I follow
  10. follow a topic
    1. another user
    2. EPiServer Category
    3. TopicMaps topic
    4. Relate+ Club
    5. SharePoint Workspace
    6. SourceOfUpdate (Epi, SP, etc)
  11. follow a topic and all subtopics (assuming topics are organized in a tree like hierarchical structure)
  12. unfollow a topic
  13. see a list of recent updates on one of the topics I follow
  14. see a list of recent updates on a selected topic I don't follow (for example a project or SPSite)
  15. filter a list of updates using full text search query
  16. filter a list of updates using a time range
  17. see how many people liked an update
  18. see who (list of people) liked an update
  19. send a message to another user
  20. see a list of messages sent to me
  21. reply to a message
  22. subscribe to RSS feed
  23. unsubscribe from RSS feed
  24. see a list of updates from RSS feeds I am subscribed to
  25. see a number of new updates since the page loaded
  26. refresh a list of updates
  27. Subscribe to RSS feed of my updates
  28. Subscribe to RSS feed of updates on a given topic

As a developer implementing Activity Feed in a project

  1. add a personal activity feed control to a page (for the currently logged-in user)
  2. add a topic driven activity feed control that shows updates only on the topic to be able to only show updates from a project/department/site/etc
  3. add a subscribe/unsubscribe button to a page representing a topic (club/site/departement/etc)
  4. extend the list of topics for every update published by users with related topics, so I can for example add department as a topic to every update published by employees of the department
  5. customize markup generated by the activity feed control
  6. provide display names and profile photo urls for users publishing updates
  7. prevent selected users from posting updates on selected topics to for example only allow club members post updates about the club
  8. disable comments on selected types of updates
  9. get a list of topics a user is subscribed to
  10. subscribe/unsubscribe user from topics
  11. decide what should be used as a title/description/thumbnail/etc for a content update generated from activity such as page/document/etc publication
  12. provide a set of security roles of a user so it can be used to filter the activity feeds according to content persmissions
  13. provide a set of security roles an update is available to so the activity feeds can be filtered according to content permissions

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